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The Guide to Visiting Brooklyn Botanic Garden

If you live in Brooklyn, NY, chances are you have heard of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This urban oasis is located in Central Brooklyn near Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Museum. It is a sprawling 52-acre garden filled with lush greenery and plants galore. The botanic garden is a must see for every New Yorker and a staple of Brooklyn culture. This article covers the complete guide to visiting the museum. We will take you through getting there, paying less, and exactly what to look for depending on when you plan to visit. 

Getting there 

What is the best entrance to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden? This depends where you are coming from. There are three ways to enter the Brooklyn Botanic Garden: 150 Eastern Parkway, 455 Flatbush Avenue, and 990 Washington Avenue. If you plan on taking the subway, the nearest subway stops are Prospect Park Station (B, Q, S lines), Franklin Ave. / Botanic Garden Station (4,5 lines), Eastern Parkway-Brooklyn Museum Station (2,3 lines) and Grand Army Plaza Station (2,3 lines).  If the weather is nice you can also bike there using Citibike. There are three Citibike stations near Grand Army Plaza and along Washington Avenue so you will only have to walk a few minutes to reach Brooklyn Botanic Garden. If you drive into the city and you are looking for a place to park, there is parking (for a fee) at 900 Washington Avenue. More transportation details can be found on the Brooklyn Botanic Garden website

Go Free

Why pay when you can visit for free? You have three basic options when it comes to visiting the gardens for free. You can 1) become a member, 2) be under 12 years of age or 3) visit during a weekday from December through February and pay what you wish! There are also community tickets where a portion of each day’s tickets are available free of charge to those who need them. There are also a few other ways to gain free entry that you can read about in more detail on the Botanic Gardens’ website. 

Leave Your Pets at Home 

It is against the rules to bring pets to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden so be sure to leave your critters at home! Consistent with the American with Disabilities Act and NYC Human Rights Laws, service animals are allowed. There are a few guidelines about service animals that can be found in detail here

What to See

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden offers year round admission and indoor and outdoor exhibits so there is something to see during every season of the year. 



Warm up from the winter frost in the glass-enclosed Aquatic House where it is warm and moist even in the coldest winter months. Here, tropical plants abound. There are hundreds of tropical orchids growing on tree trunks and hanging from wooden pots or racks. Be sure to look for the giant lily pads in the bog. After making your way through the glass-enclosed greenhouse, head to the tropical fruits and flowers in The Steinhardt Conservatory. Aromatic olive blossoms grow freely as do colorful flowers in the blooming Desert Pavilion. In just a few minutes, you’re sure to forget about those snowy New York winters. 


As you make your way outside, look for the Japanese garden. Japanese gardens are manicured to highlight seasonal change. Plants are carefully selected so viewers can appreciate it during every season. Spot the unique evergreens and snow viewing lantern in Turtle Island: It’s a must-see in the Japanese Garden. Cardinals and other wildlife (a pair of eagles) can be spotted in the garden—even in the winter! 

After Dark 

As night falls the garden’s after-dark Winter Cathedral lights up the garden pathways with a 98-foot-long cathedral made of tens of thousands of LED light globes. This after-dark light show is truly spectacular! View the full map and details


Early Spring 

As spring comes, so do the cherry blossoms. Arguably the most loved floral of early spring, you can see several different types of cherry blossoms in o the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden. Weeping higan cherry blossoms are the first to bloom and then the famous Yoshino ornamental cherry. There are also early blooming azaleas in magenta and white. Bulbs also abound in the early spring so be sure to check out their amazing display in the Annual Border on Lily Pool Terrace. Each year’s design is unique so you can visit every year and still be wowed! 

Late Spring

Check out the tree peony collection that blooms in early- to mid-May. There are more than 300 plants in this collection and they are so fragrant! Late spring also brings beautiful blooms like wisteria, bluebells, lilacs, crabapples, Spanish bluebells, and more cherry blossoms! Be sure to check out the Osborne Garden, an Italianate garden with a sprawling lush lawn and pathways lined with spring flowers. 


Summer is a great time to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.Your first stop should be The Water Garden that features a stream and pond lined with wetland plants. Keep an eye out for the ducks, herons, frogs, and dragonflies who live on the pond and stream in the summer months! Summer also means roses so make your way to the historic Cranford Rose Garden. June presents a spectacular show of roses with a second flush in late August. The original roses were planted in 1927 and are still growing today. 


Autumn is all about finding that beautiful orange and red foliage and there is no shortage of that at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Starting in October, the gardens start to change color. Look for rows of deep red scarlet oaks and yellow-leaved ginkgos. There are also many colorful maples and sumacs in the Discovery Garden. In the Japanese garden, you will find vibrant Japanese maples that stand 20 feet tall. Before you leave, be sure to check out the Herb Garden for pumpkins, squash, apples and ornamental corn!    No matter what season you visit Brooklyn Botanic Garden, we hope our guide allows you to fully embrace all it has to offer. If you find yourself inspired to go green by its beauty and you need a place to store your belongings, contact the eco-friendly self storage expert in Brooklyn, NY  for a safe and affordable space to store your stuff!

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The Guide to Holiday Cheer in Brooklyn, NY

Things to Do during the Holidays in Brooklyn, NY 

December is officially here and Brooklyn, NY, is full of holiday activities for the whole family to enjoy. In our Guide to Holiday Cheer, we have compiled a list of holiday activities. From picking out a local Christmas tree in Clinton Hill to celebrating the best Hanukkah parties in the area —we’ve got something for everyone. 

Where to get your Christmas tree in Brooklyn, NY 

Now that December is upon us, the holiday season is in full swing. Follow the smell of the pine needles to one of these local christmas tree vendors located in the Clinton Hill/Fort Greene area:
  • Fulton and South Portland Streets, northeast corner
  • Lafayette Avenue and Fort Greene Place, outside Brooklyn Medical Plaza
  • Adelphi Street and Myrtle Avenue, southeast corner
  • Vanderbilt and Myrtle Avenues, southeast corner
  • Hall Street and Myrtle Avenue, northwest corner

The Best Hanukkah Foods—New York 

New York City is brimming with delicious Kosher eats and its thriving Jewish community will be celebrating Hanukkah until December 6. We’ve created a list of some of the best kosher food delis in NYC that are fully stocked for the holidays. 

Katz Delicatessen 

This famous kosher deli is home to legendary pastrami and Jewish deli classes. Order online for your holiday feast! 

Frankel’s Delicatessen 

Located on Manhattan Avenue, Frankel’s Deli is a family-owned and operated restaurant bringing Jewish fare to Brooklyn, NY. 

Mile End Delicatessen 

This New York City-based Jewish delicatessen specializes in traditional foods like smoked meats! 

Mill Basin Kosher Deli

This Kosher Deli has everything and more! The menu is a mix of delicious kosher foods from sandwiches to salmon. They have something for everyone. 

Hanukkah Celebrations in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn 

JCC Hanukkah celebration 

Celebrate Hanukkah at the Community Celebration hosted by JCC Brooklyn Clinton Hill on Sunday December 5 from 10am–12pm. Bring the whole family for arts & crafts, music from Yonatan and, of course, plenty of latkes, dreidels and fun Hanukkah traditions. Proof of COVID vaccination required. Located at 309 Grand Ave. between Greene & Lexington Avenues. 

Accumulations: Hanukkah lamps 

See more than 80 Hanukkah lamps that represent the four continents and six centuries of art at The Jewish Museum. The Jewish Museum holds the largest collection of Hanukkah Lamps in the world consisting of 1,050 pieces they have collected over 114 years! Admission for adults is $18 & children under 18 are free! 

Hanukkah Hunt Gallery program 

On Sunday, December 5 from 10:30am–3:00pm, The Jewish Museum’s Hanukkah Hunt features Hanukkah menorahs from around the world. There will be a playful hunt exploring the different types of menorahs throughout the museum.  

Hanukkah family fest 

This festival, brought to you by The Jewish Children’s Museum, blends holidays and food. What could be better? Get into the holiday spirit by designing unique Hanukkah arts and crafts and decorating holiday doughnuts! Check it out on Sunday, December 5 from 10am–5:30pm. 

Abington Square menorah lighting 

See the annual giant menorah lighting on Sunday, December 5 at 5pm in Abingdon Square Park, on the intersection of Bleecker and Hudson streets in Greenwich Village. Admission is free & food will be served! 

Check Out These Winter Festivals in Clinton Hill

Fort Greene tree lighting 

Celebrate the holiday tree lighting on Sunday, December 5 from 4:00–5:00pm in Fort Greene Park with the community at Myrtle Ave. & St. Edwards Street in Brooklyn, NY. Bring the family and neighbors and enjoy free hot cocoa, meet Santa, live music and more! 

Merry on Myrtle Winter Festival 

The annual Merry on Myrtle Winter Festival will be held Saturday, December 11 from 11am– 2pm on Myrtle Avenue between Washington Park & Classon Ave. Bring the kids for free hot chocolate and photos with Santa!  Make sure you stop by at least one of these events to fully embrace all that Brooklyn can offer during the holiday season. If you find yourself cleaning up for the holiday season and you need a place to store your belongings, contact the experts in self storage in Brooklyn, NY for a safe and affordable space to store your things. 

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3 Tips for Organizing Your Self Storage Space

Once your eco friendly storage unit starts filling up, it can be difficult to keep track of everything in there. Even if you label the boxes, you might not know the precise contents of each. It's pretty simple to keep track of what is in your unit. Follow these three steps, so your self storage experience is a good one:

Step 1: Label, Label, Label

The easiest way to make your storage unit a sea of unknown items is to not label anything. And after awhile, all of the boxes can start to look the same. Make up simple names for each box of stuff, as long as they are distinct. Then be sure to write that designation on all sides of the box of items. That way, a labeled side is always facing you.

Step 2: An Inventory Sheet

Once you are ready to pack, create an inventory sheet. As you add items to a box, write down with enough detail to understand what's in there later. Try to avoid vague labels, like "books," which could be anything from cookbooks to textbooks to murder mysteries.

Step 3: Make a Map

If you have a larger unit, you’ll definitely want to do this. Create a basic map labeling where your belongings are. If reading maps isn't your forte, you can instead make a note on your inventory sheet like "Box 51: back left corner." Ready to store your stuff in our green storage facility? Contact iStoreGreen to take advantage of our unbeatable prices and service.

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Simple Home Seller’s Self Storage Tips for House Staging

You’re selling your home, and your real estate agent tells you to get rid of half of the furniture and all of the clutter in order to sell. You take a second to digest this information, another second or two to pick up your jaw from the floor, and wonder: “What am I going to do with all of my stuff?” Renting a self storage unit can be the perfect answer for staging your home and getting results. According to real estate agents, decluttering and cleaning are the top recommendations for selling your home quickly. As little as $200 spent can increase the value of your house by as much as $2,000. When you look at it in those terms, there really is no reason not to use storage space as a means to a quick and profitable sale.

Declutter and organize

After a few years, a decade or longer in your home, you’ve definitely accumulated things. Now is a great time to evaluate what can be put away in a self storage unit, what can be sold or donated, and what might be best to throw out. Some sentimental items, like family heirlooms and antiques, and seasonal sports gear usually earn their places in the “keep” pile easily, but other household items may not be so easy a decision. This decluttering and organizing process will probably end up taking more time that you originally thought, so be sure to start well ahead of your desired move date so you don’t end up moving unwanted items to your new space. Make moving easy on yourself—and clear your guilty conscience—by simply discarding (or recycle or donating) old magazines and newspapers, unread books, unwatched DVDs and anything else you’ve unearthed while decluttering your home to sell. Boxes of unused items are not only essential to get rid of when selling your home, but they also beg the question “Do I want to be lugging them around for the rest of my life?” Better yet, put your unwanted items that have some value to good use. Yard sales, online auctions and classifieds are perfect solutions for those items.

Contact iStoreGreen today

Now your possessions are ready for deposit in a green self storage unit. Look for one that’s convenient to reach and offers a secure facility. Need a suggestion? Contact us today for availability and pricing, as well as specials.