Send your storage worries packing

At iStoreGreen in Brooklyn, we believe that self-storage should be simple and hassle-free. These helpful tips take the stress out of packing and storage so you can concentrate on the things that really matter.


  • Plan ahead. Make a list of everything you need to store.
  • Gather packing materials. Include boxes and cartons, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape and marker pens.
  • Choose the right size unit. Storage units come in all sizes, from 5′ x 5′ mini units to ones that can fit a whole home. Consult our storage unit chart and take the guesswork out!
  • Make the best use of space. Disassemble what you can to free up space and leave a clear path so you can access your entire unit.
  • Label all boxes on every side, top, and bottom. Keep a list, pictures and descriptions on hand for easy reference.
  • Pack each box based on their contents. Pack books flat, wrap your glassware individually and provide extra padding for fragile items.
  • Prepare items for storage. Clean and dry appliances, secure all movable parts and leave doors slightly open to prevent mildew.
  • Keep your possessions clean and protected. Use covers, packing paper, slipcovers and more.



  • Make boxes too heavy. No box should weigh more than 30 lbs.
  • Use plastic to cover all items. This invites mildew.
  • Use newspaper to wrap items. The ink may transfer and ruin them.
  • Store toxins or flammables. Paint, oil or gasoline are fire hazards.
  • Store food at iStoreGreen. You can store food at our sister company Hall Street Storage, New York City’s largest refrigerated and dry warehouse.


Need packing and moving supplies? iStoreGreen has a convenient onsite retail center.