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The 5 Most Common Items in Self Storage Units

1. Furniture  The number one most common item for self storage is furniture. Whether antique, new, or old, furniture takes up room in the home, garage, and even outdoors. Storing your furniture at an affordable price is a great option to free up living space in your home.  2. Collectibles  Some collectors have spent a […]

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The History of Clinton Street in Brooklyn

The History of Clinton Hill  Clinton Hill is a neighborhood in North-Central Brooklyn, New York. Known to locals simply as The Hill, it sits on the highest elevation in the area. Its cornerstone is Clinton Avenue, a tree-lined boulevard that was built along the crest of a hill in 1832. It is named for former […]

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The Guide to Visiting Brooklyn Botanic Garden

If you live in Brooklyn, NY, chances are you have heard of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This urban oasis is located in Central Brooklyn near Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Museum. It is a sprawling 52-acre garden filled with lush greenery and plants galore. The botanic garden is a must see for every New Yorker […]

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The Guide to Holiday Cheer in Brooklyn, NY

Things to Do during the Holidays in Brooklyn, NY  December is officially here and Brooklyn, NY, is full of holiday activities for the whole family to enjoy. In our Guide to Holiday Cheer, we have compiled a list of holiday activities. From picking out a local Christmas tree in Clinton Hill to celebrating the best […]

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3 Tips for Organizing Your Self Storage Space

Once your eco friendly storage unit starts filling up, it can be difficult to keep track of everything in there. Even if you label the boxes, you might not know the precise contents of each. It’s pretty simple to keep track of what is in your unit. Follow these three steps, so your self storage […]

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Simple Home Seller’s Self Storage Tips for House Staging

You’re selling your home, and your real estate agent tells you to get rid of half of the furniture and all of the clutter in order to sell. You take a second to digest this information, another second or two to pick up your jaw from the floor, and wonder: “What am I going to […]